How We Work

We at Grandecor Innovations follow a very practical and ethical approach to our work. We value our customer relations in the long run, so the transparency in communication and products are once thing we ensure at every point in our work. Our project strategies and plans enable us to deliver high quality projects in stipulated time.

The expertise we have in the various materials and mechanisms in turn helps our clients in choosing the right products at the right areas. It also helps brings in a lot of flexibility in the client’s budget.

Our factories are equipped with modern machines that are maintained regularly for producing the finest quality cabinetry and, since most of our work happens in the factory, the site too remains in good condition, avoiding a lot of health hazards in the process. A deep cleaning is performed before handover of the interiors.

How We Work


Our designer takes note of your requirements and discuss the possibilities for an ideal layout that suits your living.

Design and Quote

A high quality 3D design and a detailed quote are prepared based on the discussion with the client.

Material procurement

Once design and quote is approved, we get into the material procurement from the authorized brand dealers. We personally ensure the quality of the products at this stage.

Site preparations

We make precise markings on the site and do all the electrical, plumbing, or any other civil works, false ceilings, panelings etc. before cabinet installations.

Factory processing

A precise cutting list for the cabinetry is made based on the actual site measurements and processed from our Bangalore factory which is equipped with all modern machines for pressing, cutting, edge-banding, boring etc. This factory process happens along with the site preparation for better time management.

Installations/ Misc Works/ Handover

The factory finished cabinets along with all the various mechanisms are safely transported and installed on site. Works like Wall Paint, Decor works, Appliance installations, counter-tops, etc. commissioned are also done at this stage. Once all the deep cleaning done, the site is handed over to the client with all applicable warranties on time.